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International Protein

Heavy Weight Mass Gainer 4kg

Heavy Weight Mass Gainer 4kg

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Looking To Pack On Some Serious Size?

Are you Struggling to Bulk & Put on size, Or maybe you need more fuel for your intense workouts

International Proteins Heavy Weight Mass Gainer Has Come To The Rescue!

As Australia's Most Trusted Supplement Brand, They Have Exceptional Results For The Performance Of Their Products!

Their WPI, WPC, Pre-workouts & Including Their Creatine, Are Easily Australia's Best Sports Nutrition Products On The Market!

International Protein Doesn't Disappoint When It Comes To Their Supplements, They Are an Outstanding Manufacturer Based Here In Australia!


Heavy Weight Hard Gainer Protein

This incredible, carb-packed protein powder is full of the nutrients and protein you need to perform at your peak and is International Protein’s best supplements to gain weight. It is super high calorie, with 1050 calories per serve when you mix it with skim milk as directed. You can choose to take it as two half-size serves or all in one massive protein hit. Each serving delivers you a massive 85 grams of protein. It’s the ultimate answer if you’ve been scratching your head as to how to gain weight with a fast metabolism.

We have included timed-release high-quality protein from whey peptides, whey isolate, WPC and calcium caseinate. These start to break down within minutes and continue for up to 8 hours, helping to maintain a growth state for your muscles to get those gains you need. The whey in this supplement comes from healthy and happy grass-fed cows. Grass-fed whey proteins are much more nutrient-dense than their counterparts.

This whey concentrate supplement includes muscle-sparing MCT oils and carbohydrates for energy, plus extra free form Glutamine, BCAAs and 12 essential vitamins & minerals help support muscle recovery and growth.


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