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International Protein

Amino Charged WPI

Amino Charged WPI

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This super rich and Amino charged Whey Protein Isolate, comes from International-Protein & it is easily one the most leading power-supps in the fitness industry, packed with an incredible essential amino & non-essential amino profile unlike any WPI product ever.

Now whether you're a Gym Junkie striving for peak performance or an average Gym goer, The fact still remains that some of the most healthiest elite sports athletes are utilizing International Protein's range of products.

You don't have to be a complete gym freak or bodybuilder, professional fighter to take "WPI"

The company owners have competed & become champions in bodybuilding & their chosen fields so you know that the development of their product is by the knowledge and experience they've acquired, There's no doubt that they're experts in their field.

Wpi is one of the most best protein you can get out there & has a high "bio-availability" which mean's your body will synthesize high quality proteins along with peptides, this product is super-charged with two important amino acids (L-glutamine and L-arginine) which is involved in protein metabolism.

What does does this WPI-product contain? 

This product has pretty much zero to none fat and simple carbs, The content presence of L-glutamine and L-arginine helps promote & strengthen muscle tissues along with the BCAA ingredients it is an amazing post-workout muscle recovery protein for your muscles.

Whey Peptides

This high amino acid chain from the Whey protein Isolate(WPI), help's stimulate the body's production & rapid absorption of proteins while speeding up your muscle recovery and aiding in growth.

Naturally Fermented L-Glutamine 

Made from the natural fermentation of rice and is one hundred percent free from chemicals or any nasty preservatives, This amino is crucial for the support of muscle repair & post training recovery.

Contains L-glutamine & L-Arginine 

This WPI with it's high supercharged amino-acid profile, L glutamine helps reduce muscle loss, aids in your muscle's growth and recovery from exercise, and improves athletic performance and leaner muscle mass gains.

Now With the incredibly advanced formula composition made by International Protein,

This WPI Product has the best of health & interest in mind for their customers, it's fast-absorbing and easily digestible ingredients, Make it the perfect choice of product for any Gym goer or athlete, bodybuilder, and fitness enthusiast looking to get their daily protein intake.

This is a very digestible and gluten free product, It contains less than 1 percent of fat & it's completely free of any harmful additives or artificial chemicals including aspartame.

You don't have to settle for something average when you in-fact could have more & the best (WPI) to offer.

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Customer Reviews

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Dylan Harrison
10/10 Never buying from bulk nutrients again!

Before i tried the caramel popcorn i use to take bulk nutrients wpi it would last me about 2-3 weeks & then i found out they don't actually put L-Glutamine & all the essential amino acids that most proteins brands have, i feel like a clown for thinking i was getting a good deal 😂

Thanks for telling me 😂😂😂

on a serious note I'm honestly impressed by the ingredients & amino profile, i used to take optimum nutrition then i thought i was getting a great deal from buying bulk nutrients 1kg Whey & now i'm actually getting a better recovery & value for my money lol

10/10 product i would recommend it to anybody who has never tried this brand before

clean tasting protein with no added bs!